Keep baby’s skin clean

You probably started worrying as a mother when you saw your precious baby’s face covered in acne. There are so many people who aren’t even aware of the fact that infants can develop acne. The truth is a thing like this can get you really worried. As a mother, you know how important it is

Preventing Acne Scars

One of the main worries for acne sufferers can be scarring. Even if acne clears up, if you have scars they will be there forever and this is not nice. Some skin is more prone to scarring than others. It all depends on the type of skin that you have. You will probably know whether

Who Gets Acne?

Most people think that it is only teenagers that get acne, but this is not true. Although when young people go through puberty, they can be more prone to getting acne, they are not the only ones who suffer from it. Some young people do not get it at all, some people never even get

What Causes Acne

Some people are more prone to getting acne than others. It is all to do with our own skin type and it can seem unfair but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to change our skin type. This means that if you suffer from it, then you are likely to always do so,

Prescription Acne medication

Some people find that going to see their GP about their acne is the best thing to do. A GP can prescribe treatments that may not otherwise be available. This might be because you cannot buy them off the shelf or over the counter. There are a number of different things that they might suggest

Sun and Acne

There are people who believe that going out in the sun can help to prevent acne. It is something that some doctors even recommended years ago and some people would spend every moment they could out in the sun, to help to clear up their spots. However, it is not the best thing for your

Organic Acne Treatments

Some people feel that using organic products is better for them. When organic products are formed they use all organic ingredients as far as they can. Many people believe that these are much better because they have less chemical fertilisers and pesticides on them. This means that they are less artificial. Using organic products can